Ship Agency - Stevedore & Protecting Agent

Global Container Lines (GCL) - USA
Al Baraka Shipping - Syria
Reem Maritime LTD (Syria)
AlFahal Shipping Co. Ltd - Syria
Afaima Maritime Co. - Syria
Al- Yamak Group - Syria
Star Maritime Co. - Syria
Al FasselShipping - K.S.A
Shehadah Shipping - Syria
MedMar Services Ltd. - Greece
Sea Bird Management - UAE
Jendi Shipping - Syria
Samios Shipping Co. - Greece
Porchart Shipping - Lebanon

Gezairi Shipping - Algeria
Al-Batoul Shipping - Syria
GSS Marine Shipping Services - UAE
Mody Shipping - Lebanon
FGM Shipping - Syria
ODAK Marine - Turkey
ARIES Shipping - Turkey
NOUR Shipping - Syria
Harmoush Shipping - Syria


Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. - Netherlands
YapiMerkezi - Turkey
United Nations mission in Sudan (UNMIS)
United Nations additional mission in Darfur (UNAMID)


Transport Technics and Services International (TTS) - Dubai
POSH Semco - Singapore

SPE Projects
Logistics and supply support to TTS:

  • Melut Basin Oil Development Project, - from UAE to Port Sudan - Offloading of Single Point Mooring Buoy from barge by means of barge submerging (2007)
  • Provision of marine equipment, Engineering services and transportation of 5,500 T pipes for Oil terminal (2005 - 2007)
  • Transportation and offloading (by submerging method) of 270 T SPM buoy (2005)

Ship agent and logistics support to Global Container Lines (GCL):

  • Providing ship agency and door to door services in Sudan to GCL with regard to UNMIS's shipments since 2005
  • Handling the project equipment of the African Union /United Nations Peacekeeping Missions in Darfur.



Logistics and supply support to Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. Project in Sudan:

  • The dredging and construction of Green Port Project (2006)

Logistics and supply support to Yap Merkezi Projects in Sudan:

  • Al Halfaia Bridge (2007-2009)
  • El MEKNIMIR Bridge (2005-2007)

Supply support to POSH semco's Tugboats:
Red Sea Petroleum Operating Company (RSPOC) project in Block 15 (Tokar Delta) section of the Red Sea. This is the first offshore oil drilling campaign in Sudan.
The two specialist 2538 ton offshore supply vessels had provided around-the-clock logistics support to service a drilling rig located 70 nautical miles from Port Sudan for a period of 7 months in 2010


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